How to look at Lighters?

It is as simple as possible: You can look at

- All Lighters from A to Z, or
- Pre-Flint Lighters or
- Patents.

Look at All Lighters from A to Z

Navigate from A to Z. The list is quite long with over 300 lighters. I arranged the lighters in alphabetical order, using the most common terms known to collectors. It can be a brand like Ronson, followed by the model or a manufacturer like Thorens or a model like the Bengali. Each lighter has a short description, reflecting important aspects and a photo. By clicking on the photo, you can open another photo of the same lighter. On the right you will find a patent icon at approx. 50% of all lighters shown. Click on the icon to open a pdf with one or several patent drawings corresponding with the lighter.

Look at
Pre-Flint Lighters:
Look at Lighters, made before the invention of the pyrophoric flint metal.

Look at Patents:

On this page you can find patent drawings, sorted by manufacturer/model. This is convenient, if you want to see all patents available as quick as possible.