Lighter Club of Great Britain

The best club for lighter collectors in Europe. Join today!

A great collector community in Russia!

OTLS On the Lighter Side

Since 1983 the world’s biggest club with over 900 members.

PLPG Pocket Lighter Preservation Guild

Founded in 1982. An important US based organisation for lighter collectors.


A German discussion-forum for lighter collectors. Very good!

Zippo Enthusiast Club

Great virtual club for Zippo enthusiasts.






A phantastic collection of strike-lighters (in German).

A phantastic collection of Art Déco(rated) lighters from Terry Post.

German site with lots of collectible lighters and historical background (in German).

Dunhill Collection

A great Dunhill Collection with over 300 Dunhill Lighters

Petrol Lighters

A Petrol-Lighter collection of a German Collector (in German).

Lighter Collectors Guide

From Belgium: A lighter collection with 1000+ lighters.

Alte Feuerzeuge

A great Website about lighters and related antiques (in German).

Free Spirit (New Zealand)

A great site made by Zippo/St. Dupont-enthusiasts in New Zealand.






A great site of the German Mylflam Brand with lots of information from the original archives of the manufacturer (in German).


A comprehensive site of the German Ibelo Brand (Colibri) for collectors (in German).


Informative site about vintage Ronson lighters.



Buy & Sell


The Antique Lighter Shop

On-Line shop for Lighter Collectors (English).


On-Line shop for Lighter Collectors (English/German).

Lighter Site Switzerland

On-Line shop for Lighter Collectors (German).


On-Line shop for Lighter Collectors (English).