Welcome to the Lighterbook!

When I started collecting vintage cigarette lighters 28 years ago, no books about lighters were available. It changed with Stefano Bisconcini’s great work “Lighters, Accendini”. Thanks to him and many authors who followed, my hobby got more transparent.


Over the years my collection and knowledge were growing. In 1996 we founded the Club “Spark International”. I was in charge of our quarterly newsletter and wrote many articles around collecting lighters. Later, when the project was ceased, I got the great opportunity to join the committee of LCGB (Lighter Club of Great Britain). This amazing organisation supports lighter collectors in many ways and I am very happy to be a member of the board.


In 2008 I decided to catalogue my lighter collection and subsequently to create a web-site that is easy to access and can be altered regularly, in order to keep it topical. - More practical than just another book.

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My Lighterbook contains around 330 Cigarette Lighters, my collection as it is today. The manufacturing period ranges from ca. 1850 to 1960 and you will find quite many exceptional pieces. More than this, I tried to publish a lot of accurate information for each piece and I also provide valuable patent information in form of patent drawings.

Most lighters shown are in my collection. Some have been traded or replaced.

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I hope you like it. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you need further information.

Christian Wenger (mokin for Ebayers)

February 2014 Update comments:
The update includes additional lighters as well as a re-fresh of the design. I dropped some pages such as the guestbook to make it easier to navigate. I get quite many inquiries from visitors. I am grateful to consult but I kindly insist on getting good photos, otherwise I am unable to help.

May 07- 2014 Update comments:
Updated several newly found patents thanks to Dirk Hildebrandt in Munich/Germany. Subsequent improvemets.

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